On the surface, Call it Home is about childhood summers on Hornby Island, BC – about being on the island for vacations as an adult, and then, ultimately, living there. 

So, yes, it’s about the place, “Hornby Island,” which I now truly call home. But, there’s another “home” in this set of songs, and the images around it: that’s the home inside of me. I found my “self” here. It happened over time, and “me” is made up of all the history that unfolds in the music.

How the Project Started  

There are two key raw materials that came together to allow this project to take flight. One is the music (the songs), many of which I’d written over a 40-year period, plus the wonderful archive I have of images and home movies my dad had taken so many years ago. 

In 2015 I met up with multi-instrumentalist and producer, Marc Atkinson, who had also moved to Hornby Island, and I started recording again after a 15-year hiatus from the music business. Initially I’d planned to do a re-recording of a collection of my older songs, followed by a collection of new songs I’d written since picking things up again. 

As the recording progressed, a theme began to emerge which I hadn’t seen when I started: a subset of songs that were about or inspired by being on Hornby Island. My oldest song, “Call it Home” became the obvious choice for its title. I then focused on those songs first, and released the album in 2016, accompanied by a sold-out show at the Hornby Island Community Hall in May, and another in August. 

The whole experience was an utter surprise. It was personally an extremely rewarding project to bring together. Since then, I’ve performed the show dozens of times both on Hornby Island, and elsewhere. It’s grown over time, and this website reflects added songs from the original format.